Where to ideally place your Wifi router?

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6.5.2020 | Where to ideally place your Wifi router?

Do you have your own wireless network at home and really want to make the most of it?
In that case, of course, it is necessary to purchase a quality router and carefully resolve its location. If you choose an unsuitable place, even a really top-notch device will not be able to perfectly cover the home, but at the same time little is enough. Read on to find out how.


When you have no experience with a wireless network

Today, more and more households operate their own wireless network. If you are dissatisfied with the signal quality after installing the device, it may not be a bad signal or a faulty router, you may have simply chosen an inappropriate location for the router. The general rule is that the router should be located in the middle of the area you want to cover with the signal. However, you should also take into account possible obstacles that will weaken the signal or practically not let it go at all. Placing the router on the ground can sometimes seem practical and not disruptive, but it is often not appropriate.

Instead, place the router somewhere on the furniture so that it is at eye level if possible and does not dust it. This is because the transmitted signal propagates approximately in the direction of the cone shape, and therefore any obstacle can have a negative effect on its quality. Of course, direct visibility between the transmitter (router) and the receiver (laptop or other device) is ideal.


Possible sources of interference
There should be no televisions, speakers, microwaves, refrigerators or other electronics in the immediate vicinity of the router, as this could cause signal interference. Of course, strong walls are also an obstacle.
Therefore, you must choose the location of the router according to the specific layout of the apartment. A lesser-known fact is that in addition to walls and walls with metal fittings, a problem is also a mirror or even an aquarium, which can completely reliably shield the router and prevent the signal from propagating in a certain direction.

If you require a good signal even in problematic places

If it is a large apartment or multi-storey house, you can try to place the router just for testing in various places and check what is the availability and strength of the signal where you will most often need to receive it. If you use multidirectional antennas that emit a signal in a circle, the result may be significantly better.
Of course, it is important to use a really good router, which is a certain investment, but it will definitely pay off. If you want to save on a router, consider our offer, which brings you a premium router for free with the fastest tariff. In very problematic places, two routers are a possible solution, so you can also cover the garden, workshop, garage and other spaces.


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