TikTok starts testing a horizontal full-screen mode

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11.1.2023 | TikTok starts testing a horizontal full-screen mode

TikTok has started testing a new horizontal full-screen mode. TechCrunch reports that select TikTok users are starting to see a new full-screen button on regular square and rectangular videos. The button, much like a similar one on YouTube, shifts the TikTok video into a horizontal full-screen mode.

TikTok confirmed the limited test to TechCrunch, after several users have been noticing the full-screen button appear in recent weeks. It now brings the social video network even closer to YouTube.

What’s largely set TikTok and YouTube apart is TikTok’s focus on portrait video, with creators having to create separate videos for both TikTok and YouTube. Soon, it will be available to post on both platforms with just one video format.


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