TikTok is making a new partnership for “TikTok Radio”

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6.6.2021 | TikTok is making a new partnership for “TikTok Radio”

TikTok is forming a new partnership with SiriusXM and Pandora to oversee the creation of “TikTok Radio”, a new digital radio station that will showcase trending tracks based on platform engagement, and feature playlists from, and collaborations with TikTok influencers throughout the summer in the U.S.

As explained by TikTok: "Sonically synched to the TikTok experience, the channel will feel like a radio version of the platform’s “For You” page. The TikTok Radio channel will feature a diverse group of TikTok creators showcasing trending music and stories behind the songs throughout each day, as well as a weekly music countdown dedicated to TikTok’s top trending tracks."

The new TikTok Radio initiative is a logical partnership, and will help to solidify the connection between music fans and the app. And it could also be worth tuning into for brands looking to improve their presence in the app, 


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