REvil ransomware group demanded $50 million from Acer

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30.3.2021 | REvil ransomware group demanded $50 million from Acer

The REvil ransomware group has claimed yet another high-profile victim. The criminals are demanding a massive $50 million from their latest target: Taiwanese computer manufacturer Acer.

Chats between an Acer representative and the hacking group reveal that a 20 per cent reduction was offered to encourage the company to pay by this Wednesday. If no progress has been made after eight days, REvil’s already steep price increases to a jaw-dropping $100 million.

An auction listing for the Acer data has already been posted to the REvil group’s “leaks” site. One example file posted shows part of a customer database complete with account numbers and credit limits. However, Acer didn’t make any statements toward the matter. 


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