Repeaters, Antennas, and Reflectors

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20.8.2020 | Repeaters, Antennas, and Reflectors

If you need to cover a large area with a wireless signal and your router just isn’t cutting it, you can buy a wireless repeater or range extender.

These devices repeat the wireless signal, extending its area. You don’t even need special devices for this – if you have some old routers around, you can use multiple routers to extend your Wi-Fi network.

Depending on your router, you may be able to attach an improved antenna that gives your signal additional range. You can also try building a Wi-Fi reflector that reflects the signal in a s

While Wi-Fi may feel like the future, wired network connections still have a lot of advantages. If you want a more reliable connection with faster speed and no interference problems, a wired network connection is still the most reliable option out there.


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