Read this if you are considering to buy Apple’s AirPods Max

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8.1.2021 | Read this if you are considering to buy Apple’s AirPods Max

Apple’s upcoming AirPods Max has become one of the most expensive AirPods of all. However, there are also many complains emerging for this device. One of the biggest problems is that after some hours of use, water condensations were found inside the ear caps. What’s worse? It could be an unfixable design flaw.

On twitter, one of the users wrote that “My AirPods Max form condensation after extended use. They’ve never been used in any humid environment. The water gets inside the drivers and has caused ear detection problems. I’ve been wearing them inside, sitting at a desk mainly, nothing crazy. Super concerning issue.” And many other users has also pointed out the same issue.

Apple has given no comments about this issue, however we can know this problem actually exists in the AirPods Max just by looking at feedbacks from many users which complained at Apple. If you are interested to buy this most expensive AirPods of all, we suggest you to wait and see until things are settled properly.


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