Japan Scientists Breaks Internet Speed Record

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25.7.2021 | Japan Scientists Breaks Internet Speed Record

According to the reports, the scientists at Japan's National institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT) have broken the internet transfer record by shuffling data at 319Tbps. That's almost twice as fast as the 179Tbps record set by a team of British and Japanese researchers in August 2020.

NICT managed this feat by upgrading every stage of the fiber optic line. It had four cores instead of one, and researchers fired a 552-channel comb laser at multiple wavelengths with the assistance of rare earth amplifiers.

While the test was strictly confined to the lab, the team used coiled fiber to transfer data at a simulated 1,864-mile distance without losing signal quality or speed. As with many experiments, it could take a while before this technology could be practically used and it might be very expensive. Hopefully, it will be more widely available in the near future.


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