HP’s new Dragonfly Laptops for 2021

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13.1.2021 | HP’s new Dragonfly Laptops for 2021

This Year, HP announced two more laptops for their Dragonfly laptop series. The Dragonfly Max and Dragonfly G2. Dragonfly G2 is installed with new 11th-generation Intel chips with up to 32GB of RAM instead of the original’s 16GB RAM.

Both laptops will have HP’s premium keyboard installed – which is backlit, spill resistant, and come with features like on-lap detection and Context Aware to tell when the device is in your purse. By determining how steady and even the surface is, the system will sense if it’s on your lap, and lower the temperature so you don’t get uncomfortably warm. When you put the Dragonfly back on a stable surface like a desk, it’ll allow the temperature to go up.

HP says the Context Aware feature can shorten boot time “by 10+ seconds” and will optimize battery life when you’re on the go. A new tool called Intrusion Detection will notice when the device has been opened or compromised and alert you.


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