How to Re-Use Your Old Phones and Gadgets (Part-1)

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24.10.2020 | How to Re-Use Your Old Phones and Gadgets (Part-1)

Over the course, the gadgets we have used has evolved over time and it surprised me to find how many electronic waste has been lying here on our planet. I have decided to translate an article from - a knowledgeable article about how you can re-use your smartphones or tablets even when they've been outdated for our readers.

Turn an Old Phone or Tablet into a Security Camera

When a smartphone has outlived its usefulness, don't toss it. There's a lot of working tech in there that can fulfill other roles. One of these roles is as a security camera, providing an always-on video feed that you can tap into using another phone from anywhere else in the world.

To get this set up you'll probably need some kind of tripod or mount, unless you want to get creative with books and ornaments. You'll also need some softwareManything and Alfred offer both Android and iOS apps for the job, and there are others out there. It's simply a question of installing the relevant app and following the instructions.

This works for tablets as well, of course, though getting them set up and in position might be a bit tricker because of the extra size. Bear in mind that many phones and tablets are now waterproof, so this could even work outdoors—though your mobile device of choice is going to need to stay connected to a power supply at all times.


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