Facebook connected Instagram with Messenger

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2.9.2020 | Facebook connected Instagram with Messenger

Facebook has been talking about connecting Messenger and Instagram for a long time. And here it is - Instagram started to offer a new way of communication on both Android and iOS.

Recently, screenshots from a test version of Instagram have appeared on the Internet, suggesting that a connection to Messenger will be coming soon.

At the end of last week, an introductory screen began to appear for some users when the social network was launched, announcing the new connection.

When communicating on Instagram, you can now choose the color of chat bubbles, respond via emoticons, respond to specific messages or communicate with contacts from Messenger.

You can already know all these functions from this communicator. However, if you do not want to use the new chat on Instagram, you can reject it. In this case, however, you may still receive chat requests from Messenger.

If you accept the news, the Instagram message symbol will change to the Messenger logo. However, Facebook has not yet commented on the change.


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