Dedicated Internet Access (DIA)

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29.4.2020 | Dedicated Internet Access (DIA)

Dedicated internet access (DIA) agreements establish a private connection between an ISP and the customer’s premises. This means that the bandwidth you purchase is for your use only; there are no other users sharing the connection so the speed advertised is (usually) the speed you get.

DIA services also tend to be symmetrical, meaning that they provide the same upload speed as download speed. This is an important consideration if you transfer files in both directions, use remote office connections, access cloud services (including a VoIP telephone system) or use video conferencing; most SIA services offer inferior upload speeds that can have a dire effect on productivity. With DIA there are rarely any such limitations, so your network can perform continuous file transfers (e.g. remote data backup), stream audio and video more smoothly, and deliver reliable cloud connectivity.

As you’d expect, dedicated internet access is more expensive than shared internet access, because a single customer bears the entire cost of their connection. Whilst many start-ups and small businesses are unable to commit to this level of spend in the early days, for some it’s a no-brainer: they’re ensuring reliable and consistent bandwidth speeds, guaranteed uptime, maximum productivity and prioritised technical support, delivered by a business-focussed account management team and backed up with a robust service level agreement. Compared with the alternative, DIA is a worthwhile investment if funds allow.


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