Apple will pay $ 500 million for slowing down the iPhone

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11.3.2020 | Apple will pay $ 500 million for slowing down the iPhone

Apple faces several lawsuits for deliberately slowing older iPhones with software updates between 2017 and 2018. The situation could now result in an out-of-court settlement.

The American company itself admitted that it artificially slowed down older iPhone models to prevent reboots on devices that couldn't supply enough battery power. After this statement, a wave of criticism was triggered and Apple had to face lawsuits and fines around the world. He recently even received a fine of EUR 25 million in France. In the US, however, will pay much higher amount. There, the technology giant decided to end the lawsuit by paying $ 25 for each affected phone. Although the total is not yet determined, Reuters estimates that it could climb up to $ 500 million. The proposal for an out-of-court settlement agreement must now be approved by the court. But at least the company will pay $ 310 million. Apple officially refuses to blame, but wants to conclude the agreement in order to avoid further protracting ongoing lawsuits. But the real reason is probably that the fine imposed by the court could be much higher and, moreover, the whole case could negatively affect the brand. Representatives of damaged customers also welcomed $ 25 per phone. Experts have quantified the damage at $ 46 for the equipment, but if the situation was handled in court, the damage would have received only 30% compensation.


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