Amazon has redesigned their Alexa app

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7.8.2020 | Amazon has redesigned their Alexa app

Last week, Amazon’s Alexa app is getting a revamp. It will include a new home screen with updated navigation which highlights Alexa-centric skills and more personalized experience.

The main screen will have personalized suggestions based on your Alexa usage. For example, if you use Alexa to play music a lot or control your smartphone, it will show these commands as featured on the screen. According to Amazon, customer will also see controls for currently active features. First-time users will also see suggestions on how to get started with Alexa and how to use other Amazon services like Amazon Music.

Alexa button is now moved to the top instead of the bottom which will make it easier to find as per Amazon and in addition, you can also say “Alexa” to activate it hands-free. The “More” button has also been upgraded.

Amazon will start introducing this feature in this month. Thus we expect that everyone will have it by the end of August. The update will be available for Android, iOS and Fire OS.


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