You can now confirm payments via Google Pay by voice

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8.6.2020 | You can now confirm payments via Google Pay by voice

Google Now offers users many convenient features. In addition, a few months ago, the possibility of online payments was added, which can now be confirmed by voice.

With Google's smart assistant, you can easily control your smart home, play music, or search for information on the Internet with your voice. Or also make online payments. If you order goods or pay bills through Google Assistant, you're sure to enjoy a new tweak that makes the process even easier. It is now possible to confirm payment for your order with a simple voice. Although we still have to wait for this novelty in Myanmar, the basic payment functions do not work in our country yet, but we hope that we will see it soon. If you're located in a region where voice confirmation works, you'll find it in the basic Google app settings. You can enable or disable this feature in the Google Now - Payments section. Then you can pay in this way, for example, for applications on Google play or in some restaurants. And there will definitely be more places in the future.


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