Tech Issues for Smartphones: Q&A

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16.7.2020 | Tech Issues for Smartphones: Q&A

Q: I forgot the password for my iCloud account. How can I get it back?

A: You can get it back by the recovery phone or email if you forgot your iCloud Password. If you don’t do it right your account can get locked. So, you better check it at the mobile shop.

Q: My iPhone 11 Pro can only hear the voices if I turn the speaker on. Why is that?

A: It could be your iOS Version or the Error of the Ear Speaker. If you still have your Warranty left, you should check with your retailer.

Q: What is the “must have” for iOS users?

A: You must have an iCloud Account. Add a recovery questions and you should remember your password well. You should also turn on “Find My Phone” feature.


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