Tech Issues for Smartphones: Q&A

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13.7.2020 | Tech Issues for Smartphones: Q&A

Q: My phone is becoming slower… and while I’m using something, the app closed. Why and how to fix that?

A: It’s because your current OS (Operating System) is not working properly. You can try resetting it from Recovery > Factory Reset. If it still doesn’t fix your problem, you should go to the local service center to request writing a new software.

Q: My phone is getting a lot of messages about winning the lottery from the browser. It’s annoying and now I had to shut that app down.

A: It’s online virus. Go to your settings> Manage App and click clear data for your browser. This should help it.

Q: Is Face Unlock in phones secure? What if other people try to open it with my photo?

A: If they are an identical twins, they can open each other’s phones as per reviews. But you can’t open it with a photo.


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