OnePlus Unintentionally Exposes Hundreds Of Customer E-Mail IDs

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2.8.2020 | OnePlus Unintentionally Exposes Hundreds Of Customer E-Mail IDs

OnePlus has introduced its mid-range 5G smartphone – OnePlus Nord just recently and has been the focus of attention in the past few days. Now, as per the reports from IANS, it has exposed hundreds of e-mail IDs while mass mailing.

This has happened when the company was mass mailing for a group study and it has accidentally pasted the e-mail IDs in the “To” field instead of the “BCC” field. Because of this, everyone involved will now have access to all the email IDs. And since the e-mail has already been sent, there is no way they can retrieve it. E-mails are personal addresses of the people and it’s as personal as phone numbers. Now somebody might actually use them to send malicious messages and there will be no way to stop it.

Users should be cautious and refrain from clicking on links in the coming days. Some links could contain adware or spyware which might hack your phone and computer. Sometimes, these sorts of mistakes are not avoidable but a big brand like OnePlus should extremely careful while sending a mass mailer. We just hope that this will not bring much chaos in the future.


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