Zoom and security

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20.5.2020 | Zoom and security

The video conferencing service Zoom does not use end-to-end encryption for video chat,

It only states that in marketing documents. They only use TLS encryption for transmitted data, the same as accessing the web via HTTPS. However, all transmitted data is available for Zoom on its servers. The only thing that is actually encrypted using end-to-end is text chat. See ZOOM MEETINGS AREN’T END-TO-END ENCRYPTED, DESPITE MISLEADING MARKETING.

Zoom fixed the version for macOS - so it no longer behaves like malware and does not endanger your computer. But this isn't the first time Zoom has decided to use creative and dangerous ways to achieve its goal. See Zoom quickly fixes ‘malware-like’ macOS installer with new update. Information about the error can be found here. Zoom removed the code that sent information about Facebook users. He did this every time the user opened the application on a mobile phone, regardless of whether the user has a Facebook account. All this, of course, without the knowledge of the users. See Zoom Removes Code That Sends Data to Facebook.

SpaceX of Elon Musk has banned its employees from Zoom out of safety concerns. Like NASA. It's hard to wonder Musk, Zoom is really a safety nightmare. What's more, SpaceX is no small feat - it has 6,000 employees. On Monday, the FBI warned, through Zoom and meetings at public addresses and through sharing meeting addresses. See Elon Musk's SpaceX bans Zoom over privacy concerns -memo.

The head of Zoom apologized for the security flaws and promised corrections. In the last two weeks, there have been quite a few security flaws and ignoring users' privacy with Zoom. Use of their software jumped from 10 million DAUs in December to 200 million in March. The problem with apologies and reassurances is that Zoom does a number of things intentionally, including abusing other mistakes, breaking rules. See Zoom boss apologises for security issues and promises fixes.


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