YouTube Generated $28.8 Billion in Ad Revenue in 2021

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14.2.2022 | YouTube Generated $28.8 Billion in Ad Revenue in 2021

While TikTok is having its meteoric rise, YouTube is still taking the top spot in online video space. It is for one key reason – its revenue sharing program, which sees billions shared with creators each year, and which no other platform is close to matching just yet.

This week, it’s parent company Alphabet announced its Q4 performance and according to it, YouTube generated $8.6 billion in ad revenue, while for the full year, YouTube brought $28.8 billion in advertising income.

YouTube, of course, has also been looking to combat the rise of TikTok with its own alternative in ‘Shorts’, which, according to Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai, continues to see significant momentum.


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