What impact can coronavirus have on the telecommunications market?

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2.4.2020 | What impact can coronavirus have on the telecommunications market?

The biggest problem associated with the new epidemic is the suspension of production and supply of hardware purchased by Myanmar service providers. In China, factories closed at the end of January with the arrival of a new lunar year. After the end of the celebrations, however, they have not yet opened, and most companies have felt their stock. Therefore, operators have begun to restrict the offer of some Internet services in locations where other types of connections are available. They try to prevent the stock from being fully sold out. It can be assumed, however, that none of the companies in stock equipment for several months in advance. Therefore, if the situation does not improve, supply will continue to be restricted. At the same time, the prices of these products could increase. While the goods will be scarce, demand will increase and sellers will increase the amounts until production is fully resumed. The new regulations also apply to the installation of services. In the coming weeks, technicians will only go to homes where no one is in quarantine. If you remain in quarantine because you have recently returned from one of the risk areas, it is your responsibility to inform your service provider. You can arrange the date of assembly only after the quarantine is over. Similarly, if you are to receive your contract and hardware by courier, you must prepare for new regulations. Many companies switched to purely card or bank transfer payments. And if you had to stay in quarantine because of your trip abroad, the shipment will not be delivered at all. We can only hope that the spread of coronavirus will gradually cease and the situation will return to normal.


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