What data will WhatsApp collect on you and share with Facebook?

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20.1.2021 | What data will WhatsApp collect on you and share with Facebook?

We’ve talked about WhatsApp announcing the sharing of private information with Facebook. It’s starting on February 8, 2021 which applies only to business communication. The changes apply only if you opt to communicate with a business that integrates with WhatsApp.

Here is all the data that will now be shared when communicating with any of the 50 million business accounts on the platform:

- Phone number

- Device ID

- Location

- Transaction data

- Product interaction

- User identifiers

Most of this information will be used for better ad targeting. By parsing your transaction data and your location, Facebook can optimize advertisements for your interests. The shared data will also allow a business to send you payment confirmations and transaction data over the messaging platform. These data-sharing policies only apply to businesses that opt to use Facebook’s business hosting solutions. The company claims that conversations with such businesses will be clearly marked out with a label.


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