Web coding platform “Glitch” acquired by Fastly

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7.6.2022 | Web coding platform “Glitch” acquired by Fastly

Fastly, a major provider of cloud services, announced today that it’s acquiring Glitch, the quirky and capable web coding platform. Glitch will continue to operate within Fastly, with Fastly planning to grow the team and enable Glitch apps to tap into its edge computing services.

Glitch CEO Anil Dash will join Fastly as its VP of developer experience, overseeing Glitch and a new team focused on creating a “repository of tools and resources” to help people start using Fastly’s products.

“The web is back as a place that people want to create, and you have to have this bigger platform to do it,” Dash tells The Verge. Dash says Glitch could have raised more money to continue on its own, but he knew the company wasn’t “going to stay independent forever.” Mostly, he says, he was excited by Fastly’s edge computing products and thought there was a lot Glitch can do with them from the inside.


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