Vodafone launches SD-WAN network

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19.5.2020 | Vodafone launches SD-WAN network

SD-WAN is an intelligent network that can anticipate and manage demand, offering an easy way to manage complex networks. One central portal is enough.

This software-defined network from Vodafone will run on VMware's VeloCloud platform. Thanks to the Vodafone Software-Defined Wide Area Network, companies can do business more efficiently and at the same time save significantly.

Businesses can route data traffic over this software-defined network in a more cost-effective way and ensure a secure, uninterrupted connection.

"Vodafone SD-WAN intelligently routes network data and allows priority to be given to important applications and protocols, such as payment systems, Office 365 or voice and video conferencing. Users get the connectivity they need when they need it. The combination of Vodafone and VMware technologies brings customers a top service according to current demand and thus an effective solution that saves costs, "explained Jonathan Rutherford, Vodafone Czech Republic's Vice President for Corporate Customers.

Thanks to SD-WAN, Vodafone customers can more easily cope with the consequences of a coronavirus pandemic. It is also excellent for companies that work from home and need to digitize their processes.

"Each part of the network is secure, encrypted and governed by rules set by the customer. At the same time, the network is flexible and can respond to the customer requirements of today's dynamic world," added Rutherford.


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