The web is growing with mobile, email apps are collecting data, and ad blocking is on the rise

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14.3.2020 | The web is growing with mobile, email apps are collecting data, and ad blocking is on the rise

Equifax hacked by China, YouTube is dominant, RIP Essential, telco fights over fake news, ofo coming back and destroying Spotify podcasts?

What does your e-mail application also sell your e-mails to someone else? Do you use the popular Edison app? You should change your mind. The same Cleanfox that promises to do your email cleaning. Same Slice from Rakuten. The whole thing looks like a problem as big and vital as what Avast was doing until recently. Including that the mechanisms are the same. We gave the kids smartphones. Have we not deprived them of their inner life? Children and youth more than anyone else need time alone. Time to process emotions and calm the brain. A lot of interesting considerations and insights can be found in We gave teenagers smartphones. Did We Rob Them Of An Inner Life? Clearview AI boss says he doesn't need people's permission to use photos of their faces. He has a very original view of this, referring to the first amendment to the US Constitution. He says he can collect billions of people's photos from the Internet and then offer them as a search service. See Facial recognition company CEO says he doesn't need permission to use your face. Just download a few hundred thousand photos from Instagram and use free software and you have your own Clearview AI. Nothing will stop you from downloading images (using a conference hashtag in this experiment), just do it slowly and rotate IP addresses. Then you just learn your own AI (face recognition in Python) and you can use it for searching. The Equifax hack is the work of Chinese hackers working for the state. The US Department of Justice is clear about this, including accusing four specific people of the Chinese Army. The attack succeeded with an uncorrected vulnerability in Apache Struts, and all this led to one of the worst hacks and personal data leaks in history. Data 150 million people, data about 200 thousand payment cards. At the same time, the Hacker pointed out the unpreparedness, as is already the case.


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