The new Samsung case will clean and iron your clothes

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8.3.2020 | The new Samsung case will clean and iron your clothes

After South Korea, he now decided to sell it in the US and Russia. Other world markets should follow.
AirDresser resembles a refrigerator, but in fact it is a closet that cleans and irones hanging laundry.

Inside you will find three pegs and a few nozzles that, thanks to air and steam jets, can remove odor from your clothes and smell it as if you were washing it.

If you put crumpled shirts or pants into it, AirDresser straightens them out in no time, even at high temperatures, which could knock them down and reduce the life of the fabric.

This smart wardrobe is perfect for anyone who doesn't want to wash and iron until it's really necessary. You just come home from work, hang up your clothes and get fresh again the next day.

The device even handles mites and influenza and herpes virus, coronavirus or adenovirus.

The price will be around 1400 dollars (app.2 mil MMK).

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