The new iPhone SE is hopelessly sold out

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2.5.2020 | The new iPhone SE is hopelessly sold out

The new iPhone SE, which is set to be the second affordable model from Apple, went on sale on Friday. However, the interest in it is so great that it sold out as part of pre-orders.Those interested could pre-order the novelty a week before the official launch of the sale. It took place on Friday, April 24.But the interest in him was really enormous. According to the sellers, it did not reach all customers who wanted to place an order on the day of the pre-sale.Apple's official website says that people who order the phone today will not receive it until May 6-14. With the iPhone 11, the delivery time is only 2 working days.Other electronics retailers state on their websites that they have the latest pieces or that this model is completely sold out.The more expensive version with more memory usually remains in stock, the variant with 64GB of memory is of the greatest interest.


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