The booming of Disney’s streaming services

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17.2.2021 | The booming of Disney’s streaming services

Very quickly, Disney has become perhaps the dominant force in the video streaming world. Just about six months after the company announced it had over 100 million streaming video subscribers, Disney has revealed it has almost that many on Disney+ alone.

In today’s earnings report covering the last quarter of 2020, Disney announced that it now has 94.9 million Disney+ subscribers, 39.4 million Hulu subscribers and 12.1 million ESPN+ subscribers. Overall, Disney is up to 146 million streaming video subscribers in total.

Since Disney+ just launched in December of 2019, the fact that it picked up almost 100 million users in the span of a year is extremely impressive. However, the average monthly revenue per subscriber dropped significantly, from $5.56 a year ago to only $4.04. Analysts says, this is mainly due to a video streaming service called Disney+ Hotstar in India and Indonesia, where the monthly charge for Disney+ is significantly lower than elsewhere.


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