The battle between Fortnite creator-Epic Games and Apple

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22.8.2020 | The battle between Fortnite creator-Epic Games and Apple

The tug-of-war between Epic and Apple due to App Store policies seems to intensify more. Epic has made a court filing in U.S District Court that Apple said all of their developer accounts and access to developer tools including for the Unreal Engine Epic offers to Third-Party developers will be cut off before the end of this month – 28th August.

According to Epic, Apple's move threatens not only Fortnite but also every game that are using the Unreal Engine "This would be an existential threat to the Unreal Engine," Epic said. "The damage to Epic's ongoing business and to its reputation and trust with its customers will be unquantifiable and irreparable."

Fortnite was removed from Apple’s App Store (and the Google  Play Store) last week after Epic introduced direct payments. "Apple has become what it once railed against: the behemoth seeking to control markets, block competition, and stifle innovation," Epic alleged in its suit. "Apple is bigger, more powerful, more entrenched, and more pernicious than the monopolists of yesteryear. At a market cap of nearly $2 trillion, Apple’s size and reach far exceeds that of any technology monopolist in history."


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