Tech Issues for Smartphones: Q&A

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10.7.2020 | Tech Issues for Smartphones: Q&A

Q: My phone is experiencing a problem in which when in-call, the other side can hear what I say, but I can’t. Why is that?

A: This should be the earpiece speaker. If you don’t want to fix it, you can hear what the other side is saying by turning on the speaker. If not, you can also use earphones for the same result.


Q: I couldn’t open the Google Play Store! How to do it?

A: In general, if you phone has built-in Google Services and now you couldn’t open it, you’ll have to factory-reset it. If your phone has to install Google Play Store from an outer-source, you will have to install Google Service Framework with the Google Installer. Then, the problem should be solved.


Q: Can the phone’s durability reduces as we play games overly?

A: The most important thing in this matter is RAM. If you have enough RAM, no problem. But, do avoid overheating your phone by playing too many hours.


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