Tech Issues for Smartphones: Q&A

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17.7.2020 | Tech Issues for Smartphones: Q&A

Q: What is a GPU in smartphones stands for?

A: GPU is a Graphic Processing Unit. In Phones, it makes it happen for the pictures and videos and other things to be viewed with a good quality. The better GPU there is, you can play games and watch videos at a higher quality.

Q: I forgot the password for my Android Phone how can I do it?

A: Most of the Android phones have a function called “Recovery Mode” and mostly you can enter it by clicking the volume up and power buttons at the same time. Once you’re in the Recovery Mode, you can unlock your phone by wiping all the data. But you better ask to do it at the mobile shop because there’s a chance to cause FRP lock.

Q: I couldn’t connect my phone with my laptop. Why is this happening?

A: For android phones, if you want to connect to the computer, you should go to settings > about device. There is a build number. If it’s a MI phone, it’ll be MIUI version. You should continuously click on it until you see that message that says “You’re now developer”. Once you see it, there will be Developer options in the settings. Then turn on USB debugging in it and turn Unknown sources in security. Now you can connect it.


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