Tech Issues for Smartphones: Q&A

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12.7.2020 | Tech Issues for Smartphones: Q&A

Q: I wanted to buy a Second Hand iPhone, which parts should I focus on checking?

A: You should check whether there is an account logged in to iCloud in settings. iOS version must be at least 10. The rest, you should check Touchscreen, Boday and Storage.

Q: I haven’t use my phone for 5 months, now I couldn’t turn it on.

A: Must be because of the battery. Or maybe the Power IC. You should check with your local shop both are fixable. If it’s because of the Power IC, it might cost you a bit.

Q: If the computer has a virus when connecting the phone with it, will it affect the phone?

A: Generally, they can’t harm your phone. The only way your phone could get virus is from third-party apps and downloading malicious files from the internet.


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