Spotify started group sessions

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23.5.2020 | Spotify started group sessions

Spotify has introduced a new feature that is ideal for home parties and evenings with a group of friends. With group sessions, you can control everyone.

Thanks to the group session function, songs will no longer be controlled by just one person. Anyone with a Spotify Premium account will be able to join the session and choose what music to play.

On your mobile phone or tablet in the other devices tab, you will not only see your computers and mobile phones, but also the bar code. Everyone who scans this code will be part of your group session.

You can scan your friends' devices using the Scan to join button. Then you can play songs on your friends' devices.

The novelty is still in the public beta phase, according to the TechCrunch server, it has been tested since last year. However, Spotify can be expected to officially launch only with the limited safety measures associated with the coronavirus pandemic.


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