Spotify removes library size restrictions

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6.6.2020 | Spotify removes library size restrictions

After six years, Spotify questioned its customers and lifted limits on the size of personal libraries. Now you can save an unlimited number of songs.

Until now, personal libraries on Spotify were subject to a limit that allowed users to store a maximum of 10,000 songs and albums.

But now you don't have to look at any limits. If 10,000 songs weren't enough for you, now you can easily store all the 50 million items that the platform offers in your collections.

However, other restrictions on Spotify remain. You can add only 10,000 songs to playlists and download the same number to your mobile phone or computer for offline playback.

The unlimited library is being introduced gradually in individual markets, so you can still report an error message. But wait a few days, and then it should go smoothly.

Spotify currently operates in 79 countries and has 286 million active users, of which 130 million subscribe to the premium tariff. It is the world's largest music streaming platform.


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