Spotify has launched a subscription for couples

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12.7.2020 | Spotify has launched a subscription for couples

The Spotify music streaming platform has introduced a new Duo tariff, thanks to which you can save on subscriptions

Spotify currently offers several tariffs. The most expensive is the one for individuals, for which you pay € 5.99 per month. The family tariff for up to 6 people costs you € 8.99 and the student subscription costs € 2.99 per month.

If you don't mind advertising, lower quality music and the lack of the ability to download and listen offline, you can also use Spotify for free.

And now another variant has been added to all this - Premium Duo for € 7.99. This is aimed at couples who live at the same address and want to save a few crowns on a subscription. The common address of both users is really a condition for using this tariff.

The novelty appeared last March, but it was only available in a few countries. Only now has it expanded to 55 other states


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