Should you buy Huawei latest smartphone – Mate 40 Pro?

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30.10.2020 | Should you buy Huawei latest smartphone – Mate 40 Pro?

Mate 40 Pro is the name of Huawei’s latest smartphone which will be on sale within this year with a price of 1199 Euros (1418 $). Specs wise, the company hopes their smartphone could go up against the iPhone 12 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S20 & Note series.

It has a gorgeous and attractive design, packed with latest tech appliances and 5G. However, there is one huge downfall to this smartphone – due to the ongoing restrictions from the US government, Huawei’s phones can’t use any of the Google services (including Gmail, Maps, Chrome and most importantly Google Play Store). Huawei has their own app store, but it’s nowhere close to rivaling Google’s and it makes this phone difficult to get choose by people to buy over its rivals. 

In our opinion – with a price of 1418$, there are a lot of flagship smartphones which can let you enjoy all of the features a smartphone can do (including all of the Google Services) and not lose out to Huawei. Even tho we like their design and specs and all – this one downfall which is essential for people in their daily lives makes difficult to recommend the smartphone.


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