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6.5.2020 | Public IP address

You are on vacation and suddenly you realize that you need to do something on your home computer. It may sound like an unfulfillable wish, but with a public IP address and the right procedure, you can do it without deep computer knowledge.

Do not underestimate the remote control of your computer

It might seem that controlling a computer remotely over a remote desktop is the prerogative of a few developers and computer enthusiasts, but the opposite is true. In many cases, even a completely normal user will appreciate the ability to control a computer in this way. Once connected, you will not have a problem using the programs installed on the remote computer. You also have the ability to work with other files and do everything as if you were sitting in front of a computer. Remote Desktop can become a secure access for you to personal data or the control panel of your smart home.

How to connect to a computer remotely?

Many programs handle the Remote Desktop feature. You definitely don't have to settle for just an official program from Microsoft. There are free applications available, including those designed for smartphones with iOS and Android. The basis is that remote access, including the rights of individual users, is allowed on the computer to which you want to connect remotely. If the computer should be turned off (asleep), you will still have settings from the control panel. As part of the network hardware settings, select the option to allow the device to wake the computer remotely.


You need a public IP address to connect away from home

The moment you want to connect to a computer outside your home, you need a fixed public IP address. It is charged a large amount by many providers, but you can get it for best possible price from Vnet.. Customers of the company's guaranteed internet (DIA)  connection and customers who use a tariff from 50 Mb / s or their monthly payment is min. 60000 MMK and preferred a public IP address to a free WiFi router. It is not possible to connect to a computer remotely without a permanent public IP address.

Remotely not only to the computer

A free public IP address is also an advantage, as long as you want to control more remotely than your home computer. You can also use access from anywhere with a network drive or camera system. Nowadays, you don't have to manage a remote computer only from another computer, but also from a mobile phone or multimedia tablet. Do not hesitate to use the function of controlling a computer remotely over the Internet. You will quickly be convinced that having a public IP address is very convenient and surprisingly simple. In the end, there is only one piece of advice left. Before you go somewhere far away from home, carefully test the entire connection and control of the computer, including the required activities. It would be a shame to find out over time that something is not working for you due to a small error in the settings.


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