Nintendo wins £1.5m in a lawsuit against pirated software dealers

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10.10.2020 | Nintendo wins £1.5m in a lawsuit against pirated software dealers

Nintendo has won $2m (£1.5m) in a legal battle against a website that sold tools allowing people to play pirated games on its Switch console. Uberchips is the name of a company which was accused of selling hardware and software that let users install and play games for free.

As a part of the verdict, they must destroy all of its stock and hand over their domain name to Nintendo. The tools it sold were made by a hacking group known as Team-Xecuter. They design and manufactures and unauthorized operating system called SX OS and offers tools that install it. Its chips work on Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite consoles.

Uberchips is just only one of the handful of stores that has sold the tools. This lawsuit is still in pending approval from a judge is not the end. Nitendo has also filed another lawsuit against eight other operators which were selling the SX OS products.


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