New video game company aims to develop therapeutic games

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22.3.2022 | New video game company aims to develop therapeutic games

Devolver Digital founder Mike Wilson is partnering with medical device expert Ryan Douglas to launch DeepWell Digital Therapeutics, a video game company that will both develop games that can treat health conditions. The company will also help outside companies identify existing games that have therapeutic value, the founders say.

Video game-based tools can help with conditions like depression and ADHD, research shows. DeepWell Digital Therapeutics plans to build on those studies. “There was an amazing amount of science that had already been done,” Douglas says. “We started to recognize exactly how therapeutic these games already were.”

Often, a game used as a therapy would be designed as a therapy first, with fun or engaging gameplay elements layered on top, he says. But DeepWell wants developers to build games in the most engaging way possible — and then go in and check to see how they might help treat health conditions.


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