Netflix will automatically cancel unused subscriptions

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1.6.2020 | Netflix will automatically cancel unused subscriptions

Netflix has decided to accommodate anyone who has subscribed to it in the past and continues to pay without using the service.

Netflix will automatically cancel all subscriptions that have no activity for one year from registration. For accounts that have been registered before, this will be two years since the last monitoring. But nothing will disturb without notice. It first sends an email notification to everyone involved and displays a notification in the app. If the user does not respond, his account will be automatically canceled. However, if he does change his mind, he may return to the account within 10 months of cancellation. After 10 months, the account will be permanently deleted. According to Netflix, such accounts account for less than 1% of the more than 182.9 million. During the coronavirus pandemic, the total number increased by 15.8 million new subscribers.


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