Microsoft Warns Users about New Tactics Scammers are using 

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2.8.2021 | Microsoft Warns Users about New Tactics Scammers are using 

Microsoft is warning users about its Windows operating systems to avoid scams which could end up being costly. The firm said, a growing number of cyber-attacks are trying to trick users into handing over personal data and credit card details via fake tech-support alerts.  

The latest trick used by cyber-criminals uses a pop-up window which suddenly appears on computer screens. Suggesting that the PC has been compromised with a tech-support number listed that directs users to a fake call center. Once called, the users will be asked to pay for help that they don’t actually need. 

Mary Jo Schrade - Assistant General Counsel, Regional Lead, Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit Asia, said in a blog post: "Tech support fraud has evolved from pure cold calling to a more sophisticated infrastructure that leverages affiliate marketers to deliver professional-looking pop-ups to consumers, prompting them to contact fraudulent call centers.


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