Internet knowledge about routers

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20.10.2020 | Internet knowledge about routers

Will restarting my broadband router fix my speeds?

In some cases yes, and given that routers are just small computers if it has not been restarted for a few months it may be the software just needs reloading and restarting by switching off and on will accomplish this.

Lightning even when a long way away can interfere with DSL signals, so if your broadband is slow in the time following a storm, it is worthwhile restarting the modem.

Caution: Do not switch off your router when you leave the house on a daily basis! With ADSL2+ and FTTC services switching the broadband router off and on a lot can make the remote broadband hardware think the line is unstable and a process called Dynamic Line Management (DLM) may kick in and slow the line down in response to try and make it more stable.

Top Tip: Check your microfilters on every single extension; another thing that catches people out, is that someone may move the phone to a different extension and if they forget to plug in a microfilter this will cripple the speeds for ADSL2+ and VDSL2, so always double check that everything is plugged in correctly, i.e. anything plugged into the phone line has a microfilter.


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