In 2019, 358 million people paid for streaming music

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23.4.2020 | In 2019, 358 million people paid for streaming music

Music streaming services have experienced a huge boom in recent years. In 2019, Counterpoint Research even saw a 32% year-on-year increase in subscribers. Altogether, 358 million people use these platforms.

Users like Spotify or Apple Music liked the users mainly because of the original content. There is a growing interest in podcasts, in which platforms now invest the most.

Total number of active users of streaming services increased by 23%. This number includes both subscribers and people who use free tariffs.

According to the report, people most often decide to subscribe after trying one of the services for free.

The largest share of subscriptions is clearly Spotify with 35%. It is followed by Apple Music with 19% and Amazon Music with 15%.

However, if we look at the distribution of subscription revenue, Spotify will receive 31% of all revenue. Another 24% will go to Apple Music.



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