Huawei goes into battle with Google.

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28.2.2020 | Huawei goes into battle with Google.

Huawei's Chinese technology company is gradually launching an ambitious plan, ending with the creation of a viable alternative to Google's essentially monopoly position in the Android world. The goal is to create a App Store that competes with the Google Play Store and a set of developer services (Huawei Mobile Services, HMS) opposed to Google Mobile Services (GMS).
Huawei has lost access to these key Android features due to the US embargo. As a result, the new Huawei and Honor phones cannot be sold with Google services, making it impossible for applications such as YouTube, Google Pay or Google Maps to run. Huawei can use Android itself, which is distributed as open source, but it must build its own services. This is commonly done at home in China, where Google is not available, but it is new in other markets.

In fact, a Chinese enterprise has no choice but to try and do aggressive efforts to change market forces. It is still unclear how long the American blockade will last. In China, they rather operate with the option that President Donald Trump will play this game for a long time and that he will be re-elected. There are also opinions that the US is trying to unblock Google in the Chinese market.

“Apple and Google took over ten years to build their ecosystem, and we're just getting started. We believe that we will become one of the three largest operators of mobile ecosystems in the world, ”said Huawei Lupu, President of Huawei Business Smartphone for Europe Walter Li.


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