How to Re-Use Your Old Gadgets (Part-4)

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1.11.2020 | How to Re-Use Your Old Gadgets (Part-4)

Use an Old Digital Camera as a Webcam

If you've just upgraded your expensive DSLR to a new model, you're probably going to want to sell the old one to absorb some of the cost ... but if you do need to keep the old one around for whatever reason, you can turn it into a great-looking webcam.

This might seem mundane, considering most laptops come with a webcam built in, but it means your Zoom calls are going to be of a much higher quality. It also means your webcam can be positioned at any angle—you're freed from the folding of your laptop screen. Plus, if you want to do something like stream yourself on a service like Twitch, you'll have unparalleled video quality.

Camera makers have been rushing to push out software to enable this functionality in recent months, and there are now official tools from SonyCanonFujifilm, and more available. Even GoPro has put a program out into the world. And, of course, we have a guide here.


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