How to easily set up WiFi?

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24.5.2020 | How to easily set up WiFi?

For most users, setting up a Wifi means turning on the router.

This is often really enough, but if you want to increase connection security and take advantage of advanced features, you need to pay more attention to the settings. Here are some handy tips on how to set up a WiFi router and a home wireless network.

How to change WiFi password and network name?

One of the most common requirements is to change the password to WiFi. There can be many reasons, from the fact that dictating the password "0Bsr3lRvwQ563gf" to someone is impractical, to trying to increase the security of the entire network.

Changing the password to WiFi is done by default in the main settings of the router. If you decide to change your wireless network password, you must do so through a device (such as a computer or laptop) connected to the WiFi router. Type the IP address of your router in the address bar of the Internet browser and confirm. You can find the default IP address of your router from the manual, or via the control panel / system preferences. After loading the entered address, the login dialog will be displayed. You will find the login name and password again in the manual. In the case of factory settings, the name is "admin" and the password is "admin".

After logging in, you will see the administration of the router itself. Modern routers, including our premium WiFi router, have a very clear offer. Finding your password settings shouldn't be difficult for you. You can also directly change the network name and administrator login details in the settings. We always recommend that you read and check everything before saving the settings.

How to set parental lock?

Do you want to protect your children from dangerous and inappropriate sites on the Internet? Advanced WiFi routers have a parental lock, which allows you to create lists of blocked sites. You have complete control over what users can and cannot visit when using a WiFi router.

In addition to the parental lock, some models offer advanced management for individual users. For example, you can set the maximum amount of transferred data and other connection rules. You can also find parental lock and advanced functions in the router administration. Some manufacturers offer free smartphone apps to increase the convenience of your setup. Just install and connect the application. You then control the router's functions directly from your mobile phone.

WiFi router and network settings when troubleshooting

Knowing the options for setting up a WiFi router and a home wireless network is useful when solving connection problems when your router is not working 100%. A typical example is WiFi channel retuning due to an unstable connection.

A few minutes for safety

Feel free to familiarize yourself with the configuration options. In practice, this is not complicated and even a less experienced user can change the settings. In a few minutes, you can significantly increase network security and start using your router to the maximum.


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