How can I ensure I get accurate results from speed test?

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16.6.2020 | How can I ensure I get accurate results from speed test?

To get the most accurate possible broadband speed test result, follow these simple steps:

  • Make sure you are not downloading anything on your PC / laptop.
  • Shut down any software that uses the internet (e.g. web radio, RSS news feeds or TV services).
  • Turn off any other computers, tablets, smartphones and games consoles that are sharing your wireless network.
  • Ensure all broadband cables are properly and securely connected.
  • Make sure there are no large objects between your computer and wireless router.
  • Electronic devices such as microwaves, wireless doorbells, baby monitors, bug zappers and even electric blankets can affect the signal strength, so switch them all off.
  • If you’re testing mobile broadband on the move (with a mobile internet dongle or laptop / netbook with mobile internet built-in), make sure you’re stationary and have a signal. The result will be compromised if you go out of range of 3G coverage while the test is in progress.
  • Do not measure the speed of broadband by your mobile phone or away from router by WiFi. Always use laptop directly plugged into the router. As well ,check if configuration is OK. Esp. For high speeds you might not be able to measure it as your device could be weak.

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