Google Fi is selling Pixel 4a on a subscription plan now with 9$ per month.

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6.11.2020 | Google Fi is selling Pixel 4a on a subscription plan now with 9$ per month.

Google Fi is Google's MVNO (Mobile virtual network operator) business which resells cellular service from T-Mobile and US Cellular with a bunch of Google Voice-style features on top, like Web-based texts and voicemail. It will now also offer a new way to buy phones with a subscription plan instead of buying a device instantly, you can now sign up to a two-year long contract. Here are some of the things you should know -

Currently, you will have the option to choose only one device – the Pixel 4a. The basic contract is $9 per month for 2 years ($216 total) and with some start-up fees, which will get you a Pixel 4a ($349) at the end of the plan. Google seems to imagines that you will keep paying the subscription fee and pick up a new device with the offers to upgrade to a new Pixel after 2 years and so on, so forth.

There’s also an optional “device protection plan” for another $6 per month which the Company said it will protect against “accidental damage", loss or theft (except in NY), and out-of-warranty mechanical breakdown. The $6 per month won’t get your phone repaired if something happens, however – there will be some deductibles. For the Pixel 4a, Google says it’s an extra $49 for a screen replacement, $79 for mechanical breakdown, and $99 for a theft replacement. Google is mainly expecting you to pick up the service plan along with the phone which will adds up to $15 per month for 2 years (total of $360).


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