Google Chat will be free-to-use in 2021

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22.10.2020 | Google Chat will be free-to-use in 2021

According to Google, their Google Chat will be available to all consumers “within the first half of 2021”. The service is known as a business-focused G Suite app (now known as “Google Workspace”).

Originally, it requires you to pay G Suite to get access to Google Chat. However, in 2021 this will be free for everyone. Google said they want a “smooth transition” from Google Hangouts to Chat and it will automatically migrate your Hangouts conversations along with contacts and saved history.”

Along with the rise of Chats, Google has also decided to terminate Google Hangouts – it was announced since 2018 and now more details about the service’s shutdown and transition plans for the services which rely on Google Hangouts has come out. In their blog post, Google has announced that phone calls, Google Fi support and Google Voice support will soon be taken out from Google Hangouts.


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