Facebook is testing a new calling application

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7.6.2020 | Facebook is testing a new calling application

Facebook has introduced another new application. Thanks to it, users can make classic calls or make calls in a group of up to eight people.

The new application from Facebook is called CatchUp and is backed by an internal research and development team.

The novelty differs from other communicators in that it only supports audio calls, unlike WhatsApp or Messenger, you cannot switch a video with it.

CatchUp is aimed at users who want to make calls with their friends and family, but the price of a classic call is too expensive for them. This is why most people use online communicators.

The application is free, just like calling in it, and there is no need to have your Facebook account registered in it. Like WhatsApp, it works with contacts you have stored directly on your phone.

You can now download the application on Google Play and the Apple App Store.


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