Facebook has added information from Wikipedia to the search

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28.6.2020 | Facebook has added information from Wikipedia to the search

Facebook has started testing a function, thanks to which, in addition to the results from the social network, an information box from Wikipedia will also be displayed after searching for a query.

The social network tries at all costs to keep users on its site. Now you can learn basic information on selected topics there. You can search for everything directly on Facebook, without having to click elsewhere.

The infobox that appears in search results works much like the knowledge bar on Google. Here you will find a brief summary of information about celebrities, movies, or interesting places from Wikipedia.

Facebook has confirmed that it is testing the novelty, but only selected users can see it. For the most part, it works on desktop and iOS versions and for queries in English.

However, it is not yet clear how Facebook displays the information, and it does not always work 100%. You will definitely not see the panel for all topics, you need to try different terms. So until the social network has honed the feature, it will be better to use Google to find information.


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